workout routine for older adults

Easy Workout Routine for Older Adults

As a person gets older, their mobility, strength, and flexibility seem to wane. Many find it harder to get moving in the morning and experience aches and pains long into the evening. It may be beneficial to invest in a workout routine for older adults. Doing so may help reduce these uncomfortable moments and give…

assisted care

5 Reasons to Seek Out Assisted Care

Over time, everyone begins to need some help. Some people find they don’t have the energy to prepare meals like they used to or handle the maintenance needs at home. Assisted care can help to reduce those frustrations while creating a new opportunity for improving quality of life. At Wickshire Senior Living Oklahoma City, our…

benefits of pain management

The Benefits of Pain Management

Many people struggle with chronic pain, which may come from a previous injury or an illness. Often, the pain limits day-to-day functions and reduces the overall quality of life. It’s hard to go without medication in some cases. The key to improving outcomes is to have proper pain management practices in place. That may include…

older couple riding bikes to stay active during the summer

Fun Ways to Stay Active During the Summer

Age doesn’t define who you are or what you’re capable of doing. Instead, it’s a milestone to be celebrated. You’ve gained wisdom as you’ve matured. As a result, you know more now than you ever did in your twenties. You’ve had experiences and learned life lessons that your children and grandchildren have yet to accomplish.…

Man working with occupational therapist enjoying benefits of occupational therapy

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

The benefits of occupational therapy include helping you live your best life. An occupational therapy program may help you recover from an illness or injury, which may help decrease cognitive decline. This type of therapy for adults is helpful because instead of requiring an individual to adjust to the surrounding environment, it adapts the environment…

older people enjoying covid safe group outings

COVID-Safe Group Outings

The recreational program should play an essential role in your choice of an assisted living community. Older adults need socialization and stimulation just as much as the rest of the population. For these reasons, choose a community that offers a fun and fulfilling recreational program with regular group outings and more. Safety should be a…